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Senior Full-Stack Software Engineer
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Located in Volta Redonda - Rio de Janeiro - Brazil.

In 2000 started learning how to develop software. Since then never stopped.

Works as a freelancer/independent contractor - home office arrangement or on the client premises.

During the last couple years/jobs, acquired a level of expertise that allows him to build anything regarding software products/systems.
    Some pretty interesting routines implemented along the way:

    - Document Upload/Download to/from Database

    - Excel report generation using an Excel spreadsheet as template [ NPOI ]

    - PDF report generation using PDF Form as template [ iTextSharp ].

    - SQL Server Job Schedule
    Implemented a small package that updates a SQL Server Job Schedule according to user specified values entered in a web form.

    - Questionnaire answering using two different display modes: Listing and Wizard (beautiful jQuery/JavaScript code)

    - Real-time pushing/server sent messages
    Implemented a notification and blocking/unblocking feature using ASP.NET SignalR that notifies and blocks/unblocks concurrent users trying to answer the same questionnaire question.
      • Development of your software product from the ground up;
      • Help you get your online address on the internet to leverage your business;
      • Build, configure and install your website according to your needs;
      • Integrate Google Analytics and Google AdSense into your website;
      • Add a blog to your web site integrating it with a Google Docs form to collect any kind of information from your visitors according to your needs; See the one used on this blog.
      • Assist with problem solving and technical issues regarding software development.
      • Any other task related to software development.
      Values software design patterns and always employs state of the art technologies.

      With a decent computer + tools + internet connection + Google search and the help of StackOverflow,  the job is done.

      Hard-working guy. You'll get a great result.

      Specialties [ 10+ years of experience in software development ]
      Languages: C#, Java, PHP, JavaScript, TypeScript, jQuery, Angular, SQL, C++, Scala, Delphi, Fortran, Bash/Shell scripting, PowerShell, HTML, CSS, XML, JSON, etc.
      Front-end Frameworks: ReactJS, AngularJS, Play Framework, etc.
      Back-end Frameworks: ASP.NET (Core) MVC/P, CodeIgniter, CakePHP, LINQ, Entity Framework, N/Hibernate, WebServices
      Web servers: IIS, Apache/Tomcat
      Cloud Platforms: Azure, Azure Active Directory (AD) B2B|B2C
      Business Intelligence: PowerBI
      Big Data: Apache Spark, Spark XML, Spark SQL
      IDEs: Microsoft Visual Studio, PL/SQL Developer, Eclipse, Xcode, NetBeans, Borland Delphi, Dreamweaver
      Source code revision control tools and continuous integration: Team Foundation Server (TFS), Git, SVN, Hudson, Jenkins CI Database systems: Microsoft SQL Server, Azure SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, RavenDB, Microsoft Access
      Operating systems: Windows, Unix/Linux, Mac OS, Parallels Desktop, Virtual Machines
      Microsoft Windows/Linux environment: Active Directory, Samba, Terminal Services
      Distributed systems and parallel programming: PLINQ, Task Parallel Library (TPL), HPC, cluster, grid, MPI
      Real time data management: OSIsoft PI System
      Operational Intelligence: Siemens XHQ
      Google Analytics, AdSense, SEO

      If you need something done using any other technology, no problem because I'm a rapid learner.

      Feel free to get in contact to further discuss any job offer.

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      Phone (WhatsApp)+55 24 98826-3578


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