Virtual office

A virtual office is an alternative for those that are starting up a new company because it permits the company's owner to focus more on the services being offered than all other peculiarities inherent to the establishment of a physical place and further necessities such: furniture, equipments, client reception, etc.

As an entrepreneur it’s important to know how to choose the right place for the company’s branch of activity in view of the fact that determined commercial places are more favorable to determined kinds of commercial areas.

The companies that offer virtual offices provide custom bundles for each client type (renting on determined weekdays, for example), which permits the business viability for the beginner entrepreneur. The viability will only be effective if the new entrepreneur know how to adequately choose the correct range of necessary services to his business because at the moment of bringing a company to life there isn’t the availability of a good investment capital.

As a case, I can cite the software development industry here in Brazil, where the developers have worked as an artificial person, that is, the natural person establishes a company and from that point starts to offer the development services to the more diverse clients. When an artificial person developer opens a virtual office, he earns more visibility and will be able to gain more clients through the divulgation of his work. In big commercial cities as is the case of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, there are developers that opt for a virtual office and this way they easily duplicate or even triplicate their incomes. Most of the times they earn more than their former boss for they have know how pertinent to their area and consequently they can leverage an excellent business. It’s interesting to note that in some cases the clients of the former boss pass to be clients of the new entrepreneur because they already know the quality of the work offered by him.

In general a developer only needs a notebook and his knowledge to start a new company. Other employees are unnecessary.

Opting for a virtual office seems to be an excellent alternative to expose the work publicly. With the business profit the developer will be able to contract more people or even invest in his professional career attending new courses and specializations. It’s also important to mention that being independent this new entrepreneur will be able to work when he wants; planning his own schedule since only he is in charge of his goals according to his real work capabilities. He will even be able to work at his own home near his family and when it is necessary, he will be able to go to the virtual office to meet with his clients and peers. This fact favors a lot the life of the professional for diverse motives, among which I can cite: health, family, comfort, leisure, etc.

So it’s possible to conclude that to establish a virtual office in certain cases is a good choice nowadays because a lot of people prefer to work for their own, be it for having their proper business, for being free from the subordination or even to have a better return of money without the harassments that arise from the business physical installation.