Showcase StackOverflow flair/badge in LinkedIn profile

Today I just thought about showcasing/displaying my StackOverflow flair/badge in my LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn is a good place to show it because it’s a perfect match between your reputation as a software guy and possible good opportunities.

Since LinkedIn doesn’t allow one to put html code snippets in profile fields this showed to be a difficult task at first. Nothing that a little bit more thinking couldn’t solve: Google presentation application to the rescue.

Well, basically what you have to do is create a simple online Google Docs presentation. You could also create an Office PowerPoint presentation and upload it. For sure it’ll give you a lot more customization options. I’ve chosen Google presentation because it suffices my needs for the moment.

Inside that presentation you’ll put an image object that points to your StackOverflow flair image URL. Mine is this one:

Just substitute my StackOverflow user id highlighted above by yours to get your flair.

To change the theme, add ?theme=clean or ?theme=dark or ?theme=hotdog to the end of the image URL.

This URL will render a picture that represents your flair this way:

StackOverflow flair/badge

The bad point in this approach is that as your reputation grows your presentation won’t show your updated flair. You’ll have to open the presentation and re-add the flair image to reflect your current SO reputation.

Google should give us a way to have dynamic content inside a presentation (its spreadsheet service allows this kind of content). This is something that is really missing in presentations. Hey Google, can you hear me?

To give a more personal touch to your presentation you can also put a background image in your slide. I selected a Lamborghini Gallardo because it’s my main car in GT 5 today. So it represents my mood right now. One day I’ll have this car. Just kidding. :)

This is the final result:

This post provides an answer to this Meta StackOverlfow question:

IS it possible to show SO flair on LinkedIn?