Installing Brazilian Portuguese dict. in Sublime Text 2

Today I downloaded one more dictionary to use with Sublime Text 2. Sublime Text is a multipurpose text and code editor. So far the best IMHO. I want to spell check my Portuguese texts of course. I followed the instructions described here to grab an additional dictionary.

From that page we have that:

Sublime Text uses Hunspell for its spell checking support. Additional dictionaries can be obtained from the Extension List

I then headed to to search for a pt-BR dictionary. I found it and then when I downloaded it from I got a file with a different extension (.oxt) of that used by Sublime Text 2. More on this bellow…

The file name is Vero_pt_BR_V208AOC.oxt.

Using Mac OS I tried to place this file inside this folder

/Users/leniel/Library/Application Support/Sublime Text 2/Packages/User

following the instructions given by Sublime Text 2 doc.

Closed Sublime Text 2 and reopened it. Went to the menu View > Dictionary and the new dictionary wasn’t there.

Well, something is plain wrong here. The already installed dictionaries that come with Sublime Text are present in this folder:

/Users/leniel/Library/Application Support/Sublime Text 2/Packages/Language - English/

Inside the above folder there are two English dictionaries with file extensions: .aff and .dic.

A little bit more thinking and I tried what could do the trick. I renamed the downloaded dictionary file from Vero_pt_BR_V208AOC.oxt to Vero_pt_BR_V208AOC.rar. Opened the compressed file and to my surprise there they were… extracted the files pt_BR.aff and pt_BR.dic. Easy as pie.

It turns out the .oxt file is just a wrapper…

I renamed the folder Language – English to just Languages and placed the files pt_BR.aff and pt_BR.dic in this folder. Closed Sublime Text 2 and reopened it. The new dictionary appeared:

Sublime Text 2 Dictionary menu option listing the pt_BR dictionary just addedFigure 1 - Sublime Text 2 Dictionary menu option listing the pt_BR dictionary just added

Hope it helps.