Apple’s magic mouse & wireless keyboard battery life

I’ve been collecting data regarding the battery life cycle of my Apple’s magic mouse and wireless keyboard. I thought it’d be good to post this data here so that you dear reader can draw your own conclusions about how long should the battery life last.

Apple Magic Mouse ($ 69 or R$ 229 today)Apple Wireless Keyboard ($ 69 or R$ 229 today)

This is interesting data to look at because I like statistics and it’s good to analyze data. It helps you predict what to expect… Obviously the batteries’ lifespan changes according to how much time you spend using these devices. In my case I tend to use the computer 8 hours/day on average.

Just now I decided to search for a neat app ( Finch for Mac ) so that I can track the time I pass working on the computer. This will for sure give me more accurate data in the near future. For now I’ll have to take this data for granted…

Take a look at the following Google spreadsheet:

As you see the keyboard has a great autonomy and there were periods in which I didn’t work as much as I’d like on the computer because the mouse charges used to last 3 weeks. This denotes periods of inactivity. Now that I’m doing more intensive work the mouse battery lasts only 1.5 weeks. This is half the time previously taken to drain the battery.

For the record: I also own an Apple’s battery charger. Recharging the batteries is an easy task. Once more I’m contributing to the environment.

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All these Apple devices are great IMHO as it’s the case with everything made by Apple!

The only “complaint” is that I think the mouse should have a greater autonomy. Maybe this will be the case with more recent technology iterations.