Computer influence on society

It’s known that computers help men in the more diverse areas. We see nowadays that great part of men’s activities use in some way resources proceeding from the technological evolution that in its turn is leveraged by the advancement in computational resources. However, caution is necessary.

There are a lot of barriers that complicate men’s lives when they don’t use the computer power in an adequate way. Between those barriers I can cite: aspects related to health, social life, professional life and even education. Let’s see for example: if a man doesn’t take care of his physical body, it dies.

With the intensive use of computers, the majority of people forget about physical exercises. If a man forgets about the life outside, that is, thinks that the planet only spins around the computer, this man looses his life. If a man thinks that the computer can solve any problem, this man is wrong.

A computer is only a tool. The true architects are us, the men. Without our instructions the computer is incapable of executing a task.

Leaving the bad part of the topic, let’s see some positive effects of computers on society: information access through the internet that on the other hand lends to a better informed society. Increase in job opportunities coming from better environments. The velocity we arrive at results once unthinkable of being achieved. This velocity contributes to the development of advanced resources in the research area that on the other hand will influence the more diverse branches of society.

Computers are now part of our lives. It’s our responsibility to be rational and to search for better ways of interacting with them. We must evolve together with the technological innovations, but we must not give up life. We must not be bound to the new.

Only each one of us can choose its way but a world of information is here and whoever doesn’t try to get the perfect comprehension of reality can be in a worse position. You are your manager.