Chemtech compliments newly graduated engineers

Last Friday, January 16th, I was complimented by Chemtech. The company gave compliments to all employees that finished their college course in 2007/2008.

Chemtech compliments engineers 
The computer engineers including me beside Rubião from right to left.

We got together at the 23rd floor of Rio de Janeiro’s office where Luiz Eduardo Ganem Rubião (CEO and founder of Chemtech) talked a little bit about the company’s perspectives giving us some insight related to life, economy, the job market and ongoing and future projects.

The way Rubião thinks about life subjects, mainly being an optimist is how I face the day to day. There’s no time to be wasted with illusions and we should always think positive. Doing so we’ll for sure harvest good fruits.

The following is the transcription of the letter I received with a present (a book of my area of specialization - computer engineering) …

Rio de Janeiro, January 16th, 2009

Dear Leniel Braz de Oliveira Macaferi,

Young people like you represent the future of technology. With your know how you can contribute to Brazil’s development so that it stands out in the worldwide technology. It is in the knowledge, in technology that a differential arises.

Chemtech is proud to have been with you in your first steps to engineering and for us still being together. It’s with satisfaction that today we call you an engineer! A Chemtecheano engineer, a Brazilian engineer.

We’re together in this journey that starts with your graduation. Success!

A strong hug from the Chemtech family.