Network Analyst job interview at Oi

On Monday, June 23rd, I went to Botafogo in Rio de Janeiro to take part in a job interview scheduled for 4:00 P.M. I arrived there 3:10 P.M. so that I could have some time to relax a little bit.

The girl that conducted the interview was Roberta Furtado de Vasconcelos. She is a psychologist working for the human department at Oi. Oi is one of the biggest telecommunications players here in Brazil.

The job interview was fair and I was asked about some of the technologies that the job requires such as object oriented programming, Unix OS, the level of proficiency regarding the English language, etc.

We talked for about 45 minutes and one of the questions that I think was difficult to answer is: How much are you willing to earn? Wouldn't it be better if the company specified how much it wants to pay? It is complicated to answer such a question given the fact that you don't know how much the company is willing to pay for that specific position. I had already looked a salary table in a famous local IT magazine site called INFO online. It helped while answering this question.

Roberta said that the job interview process is composed of two interviews. The next one is going to take place soon if I happen to pass to the second round, that is, the first interview was just one more filter.

Let's see what happens next. If it happens I'll post here some notes about the second part of the interview process.