Systems Analyst job interview at Oi

On Tuesday, July 8, I went to Praia de Botafogo in Rio de Janeiro to take part in a job interview scheduled for 2:00 P.M. I arrived there 1:45 P.M. During the trip (2 hours) the bus got backed up because there were some construction being carried out at Via Dutra highway. I thought I wouldn't get there on time, but fortunately everything went OK.

As I mentioned in the post Network Analyst job interview at Oi, I participated in the first interview for a Network Analyst position.

On Monday, June 30, I got a phone call from Oi's HR department offering me an interview for a Systems Analyst position. I told the girl called Sofia that I had already participated in an interview there and that I'd like to know the feedback first so that I could decide if I wanted to go for a second interview this time regarding a different position. She then told me that the systems analyst position would better fit my skills and that I would work directly in the IT department. The department is responsible for the development and improvement of the tools. She asked me a few questions (technical skills) and said I wouldn't need to go for the first interview again with the HR department. The most intriguing question she asked was: How much do you wanna earn? I answered that this question is a filter and that if I said a high value they wouldn't let me go ahead in the recruiting process. She then took the time to say to me how much Oi could pay me (she said she was opening an exception for telling me the value they could pay). I then agreed with the value since the wage plus the benefits would sum a great amount for someone who is just beginning his professional life. Sofia said that she would forward my name for the second round of interviews (the whole process is comprised of 3 interviews). This second interview is the one that would assess my technical skills. I asked when would this interview take place. She answered that there was no scheduled time.

On Monday, July 7, I got a phone call from the manager of the area I would work for. He is called Juscelino. I was being called for an interview on the next day.

I was interviewed by three guys. The other two are professionals already working on the IT department. Juscelino conducted the interview. I was asked about how I started my career in the IT area. I told the complete story starting in August 1997 when I first got a computer then passing to the computer technician course from 1999 to 2002 and then the computer engineering course from 2003 to 2007. He asked some questions about my experience on the previous jobs I had and other questions related to technical skills such as object oriented programming, databases, UML, etc. The focus on this job will be PHP + MySQL. One thing that I emphasized is that if you know well one programming language and a database technology it gets easy to learn a new one, that is, you already know the basic concepts and that the rest of the work is to manage to learn the intrinsic syntax of the different programming language or database technology. At the end Juscelino asked me if I had any doubts regarding the technical details of the job. I said no. Then they asked me non technical questions as: What's your hobby?, Where do you see yourself in the future? Things like that. Juscelino ended the interview and said or no (I don't remember exactly) that I would be contacted for the last interview. While I was heading to the exit door he said: we'll talk more latter. I think this is a good signal. The interview lasted only 15-20 minutes.

Let's see what happens next. If it happens I'll post here some notes about the third part of the interview process.