Arriving at Chemtech

chemtechlogoIt's with great pleasure that I'm writing this post. I finally got a job after 5 months of eager expectation. I'm going to work at Chemtech.

I've been sending lots of resumes to almost all IT related companies from Brazil and to some international companies since I got out of ITA-Petrobras.

Fortunately, on July 10 I received an e-mail from Chemtech asking for my grade transcripts related to the computer engineering course. I then sent the transcripts to them on July 30. On August 28 I was invited to participate in a in house interview that would take place the next day. On August 29 I went to Rio de Janeiro. During the interview conducted by two managers and one software developer, a job proposal for a Junior Analyst position was made and I accepted. The area of specialty is computer engineering.

I dreamed about getting a job in a top technology company. From the moment I began the Computer Engineering course in 2003 my constant thought has been to get a position in a company that is attractive.

Today what was a dream is now pure reality.

I'm extremely motivated to be a part of the Chemtech team!

I thank Jesus Christ for helping me to achieve this goal. After all, it's for Him that I live! :)