Using Zotero to convert Springer Link CSV search result to BibTex format

Today I needed to generate a BibTex file to serve as input to is an online tool designed to support researchers to perform systematic literature reviews within the context of Software Engineering.

I hit a brickwall while doing a search in Springer Link because it only gives us a CSV file with the entire search result. It caps the result to the first 1000 registries. It'd be a pain to click and open each and every search result to be able to export the corresponding BibTex.

Using Zotero it's easy to get a BibTex out of the CSV file generated by Springer Link.

Follow these simple steps:

1 - Open the CSV file in Excel for example and copy the column that contains the item DOI [ Digital Object Identifier ];

2 - Paste the DOI(s) into Zotero's Add item(s) by identifier (see Figure 1 above). Wait while it imports...

3 - Select the folder where you imported the DOI(s); (Player Modeling in Figure 1)

4 - Right click the folder and select Export collection... pick BibTex.

You're done.

Hope it helps.


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